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Kerala Houseboats Tariff

Overnight Packages

  • -Minimum stay length One Night 11:30 Am– 08:30Am
  • Rates in INR Standard Deluxe Luxury Full time A/c Rooms Minimum
    1 Bedroom non Rs.5500/Net Rs.6000/Net -NIL- 2 Pax
    1 Bedroom A/c Rs.6000/Net Rs.6500/Net Rs.13500/Net 2 Pax
    2 Bedroom non Rs.7500/Net Rs.8500/Net -NIL- 4 Pax
    2 Bedroom A/c Rs.8500/Net Rs.9000/Net Rs.18500/Net 4 Pax
    3 Bedroom non Rs.10500/Net Rs.12000/net -NIL- 6 pax
    3 Bedroom A/c Rs.12000/Net Rs.13500/Net Rs.25000/Net 6 Pax
    4 Bedroom non Rs.14000/Net Rs.16000/Net -NIL- 8 pax
    4 Bedroom A/c Rs.16000/Net Rs.18000/Net Rs.33000/Net 8 Pax
    5 Bedroom non Rs.17500/Net Rs.20000/Net -NIL- 10 Pax
    5 Bedroom A/c Rs.20000/Net Rs.22500/Net Rs.42000/Net 10 Pax
    Kids 0 – 5 yrs complimentary complimentary complimentary Each
    Kids 5 – 12yrs Rs.500/Net Rs.500/Net Rs.1500/Net Each
    Extra Adult Rs.1000/Net Rs.1000/Net Rs.2500/Net Each

    There will be 10- 15% hike on prices by weekends, Festivals and government holidays*

    Lunch Cruise Packages – Kerala Day Trip Houseboat Package Tariff

  • -Minimum stay length One Day 11:30 – 04:30 Pm
  • Rates in INR Standard Deluxe Food Cost (Keralan Lunch & Tea/Coffee) Rooms Minimum
    1 Bedroom Rs.4500/Net Rs.5000/Net 350/ Person 8 Pax
    2 Bedrooms Rs.7500/Net Rs.8500/Net 350/ Person 15 Pax
    3 Bedrooms Rs.10500/Net Rs.12000/net 350/ Person 25 pax
    4 Bedrooms Rs.14000/Net Rs.16000/Net 350/ Person 35 pax
    5 Bedrooms Rs.17500/Net Rs.20000/Net 350/ Person 50 Pax
    Kids 0 – 5 yrs complimentary complimentary complimentary
    Kids 5 – 12yrs Rs.500/Net Rs.500/Net
    Extra Adult Rs.800/Adult Rs.800/Adult

    Cruise Routes for an overnight stay 12 Noon – 09:00 Am (Last Day)

    Kerala Houseboat Cruise Route General

    Starting from Alleppey after visiting Vembanadu Lake the cruise will take you through r block and c block (R block and C block are manmade paddy fields made from Lake during the ruling of King and here cultivation happens below sea level) and will pass through Venattukad, Munattumugham, Nedumudi , Chennamkari, Kainakari, and will be docking near Kuppapuram in the evening. Next day starting from Kuppapuram travel through, Meenapally Kayal, Pallathuruthy and return back to Alleppey. This is a good scenic route and require One day to travel. Different routes are followed by the strength of the multiple nights chosen.

    Kerala Houseboats Food Menu on Board